Benefits of Training in Small Ensembles with Jazz Music

Notes on Conducting Jazz Ensembles  Listening, Imitation, Improvisation, Cultural, Personal and Historical Awareness  By David Berger (highlights) The universal love of jazz and its identification with America is about the personal freedom of expression and democracy in action. In order to be a responsible citizen, we need to be educated and articulate. This is especially true in being a member of a jazz band, which is a democratic musical society. Your first responsibility as a member is to understand the musical arrangements. Although the conductor is the final arbiter of taste, each player should bring as much understanding and personal

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Tonga Ross-Ma’u

Expert Jazz Musician with Versatility, Talent and Passion. Growing up in San Diego and surrounded with music, Tonga Ross-Ma’u was encouraged from a young age to explore a variety of instruments and would often play music with his father, Semisi Ma'u. Getting a front row seat to rehearsals with his father’s band and learning the meaning of exploring sounds, collaborating with others, created a fertile ground to engage and spawn a deep passion for music. When Tonga was 13, he was introduced to the public and allowed to play with several bands expanding his knowledge and tapping into musical experts and

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