Tonga Ross-Ma’u

Expert Jazz Musician with Versatility, Talent and Passion. Growing up in San Diego and surrounded with music, Tonga Ross-Ma’u was encouraged from a young age to explore a variety of instruments and would often play music with his father, Semisi Ma'u. Getting a front row seat to rehearsals with his father’s band and learning the meaning of exploring sounds, collaborating with others, created a fertile ground to engage and spawn a deep passion for music. When Tonga was 13, he was introduced to the public and allowed to play with several bands expanding his knowledge and tapping into musical experts and

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An Interview with Steve Merriam

Professor in the Rhetoric and Writing Studies Department at San Diego State University | Board member of International Academy of Jazz. Steve Merriam, Ph.D., has 30 years’ experience in teaching, research, project management, instructional design, and curriculum development. Dr. Merriam teaches graduate courses in professional writing at San Diego State University and the University of California Extension, specializing in corporate and foundation grant writing for nonprofit organizations.  As a board member of the International Academy of Jazz, Steve enjoys supporting the nonprofit through his grant writing skills. His love for jazz and passion for playing inspired him to get involved. The support he has

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Adult Jazz Ensemble Classes Now Available!

Now offering adult jazz ensemble classes at Grossmont College on Saturdays. Starting Feb 22nd, International Academy of Jazz will be auditioning candidates for their first ever adult jazz classes for the spring semester. This 12 week program will prepare ensembles to perform in live gigs and participants will be guided by professional working jazz musicians. NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME TO RE-CONNECT WITH MUSIC!Have you always wanted to play in a jazz band? Did you play music back in high school or college and then get so busy that you lost touch with something you loved? Are you recently retired

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